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It takes courage, optimism and a little bit of madness to take my freedom back to Mallorca - this with my longtime passion for painting.

That is my philosophy of life.

Art accompanies me all my life: Since my childhood I have been fascinated by colours, forms, materials and techniques supplemented by a lot of imagination and curiosity.

My international design career began with a degree in design in Düsseldorf. First as a permanent employee then with my own agency, Ideenfabrik Britta Hurter, I created, produced and marketed consumer goods, packaging and textiles on the international stage, flew through world history and got to know great people and countries.


Throughout the exciting years, painting has always been part of it, as a balance to the stressful everyday life - my own special work-out. I took part in various exhibitions at Lake Constance and in the Cologne area. Many of my works were very well received by private collectors and industrialists; some of them now adorn company headquarters.


After my life had been very thoroughly mixed up by strokes of fate, I decided to live my big dream as a freelance artist on Mallorca. In 2017 I opened the art boutique, my first studio, in Portocolom, Mallorca's inspiring east coast.​

Now I'm off to Palma! From May 2019 the art boutique Britta Hurter will open its doors there.

Mallorca inspires me: the light, the colours, the sea, Spanish life!

Heartblood and passion, love for people, animals and nature, powerful, colourful and full of joie de vivre - all this can be discovered in my realistically painted acrylic paintings.


Parallel to this, exhibitions are currently being organized in Berlin, Cologne and Hong Kong.


I am very much looking forward to it! ... and natural as well on your visit!

photo credit: Nele Bendgens / Mallorca Zeitung


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